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tv   [untitled]    August 19, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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>> thank you. ms. fewer. ms. maufas, >> here. >> dr. >> here. >> misnorton? here. >> mr. yee? >> here. >> thank you. >> please join me in the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.
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>> what happened to the student delegates? are they here? >> all right. welcome. sprint carranza -- superintendent carranza to his first official meeting as board superintendent of the san francisco unified school district and welcome as he assumes the position of deputy superintendent. >> thank you. >> let's see. would the student delegates
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quickly introduce yourselves. >> ok. >> my name is min wang, a senior at lowell high school. i'm really excited to work with everyone to change school ways for the better. thank you. >> hi, jaden braswell, a senior at balboa high school, i'm the interim student delegate until we have our s.a.c. elections on september 10. president yee: ok. so here we go. we'll go right through this first meeting. we never had any summer break. approval of the board minutes approval of tonight, the superintendent's report, called
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to superintendent carranza. your thoughts for the evening. >> thank you, president yee, members of the board, ladies and gentlemen, members of the public. it is just a great honor for me to welcome you all back for the 2012-2013 school year. i can tell you that the district has been abuzz over the summer preparing for the school year. we have many of our teachers and para professionals and central office administrators working very hard to have a smooth and seamless start to the school year. with that in mind, i want to remind the public the first day of school is monday, august 20. yes, monday august 20th. so we should all be practicing getting to bed early and preparing for our school year and we're very, very excited to have our students join us back in our schools, adding life to the schools. we're excited tomorrow is our
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teacher's third day back and are happy to welcome them back though many have been doing professional development over the summer. just an update what we've been doing over the summer. two weeks ago we held our administrator institute to welcome back our returning and new administrators and the energy and the excitement was palpable in the room. i can tell you folks are excited and absolutely enthusiastic about the school of the year. we are absolutely looking forward to our teachers returning and the rest of our
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one of the questions as i traveled around the city of san francisco and spoken to many groups, and i will continue to do that throughout the month of august and september is listening to what our constituents have to say about our school district and hear their thoughts about what is working well, what should we have on our radar, what are the things we should consider to do differently. one of the things i've heard very clearly is that our community is very, very excited about staying the course and not starting over or going in a different direction. they're actually looking forward to sticking with the vision that the board and the community has adopted for student learning in our district and our community and want us to go deeper and want to see more support for ensuring that will happen in our system. so with that, i do want to share a few of my thoughts in terms of where we're going in this school year and that is that there will be no change in the vision. i think the vision is an extremely engaging vision that all children will graduate career or college ready and our students will be joyful learners and we will as a matter of social justice all students are learning to their potential. we're committed to three goals and they are access, equity, achievement and accountability
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and that won't change but what we will change is how we accelerate the work we do as a district to ensure that that's the experience for all of our students and our teachers and our educators and our schools. i've also heard very clearly from our community that our community wants and expects focus, especially given our current financial situation is what it is. we need to focus and be clear on the key strategies that are going to move our district, and this is to build and implement a strong instructional core. as we speak to our community and present to the board and the community in the coming weeks and months, we're going to speak about an instructional core and what we mean by that is we're talking about the relationships and the learning that happens when you have parents and teachers, students, and the curriculum that they engage in. that constitutes the instructional core and we'll share more details what we mean by that. all the work we do, whether it's creating a very enriching
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and engaging environment for students to learn and what students learn in schools is all encompassed by the instructional core. and of course there are going to be some changes. and as we do this work it will require us to work not necessarily harder because we are working hard and our teachers are working hard and our administrators are working hard but it's going to require us to work smarter. how do we leverage the work we're doing. how do we leverage each other's particular strengths. and as we go forward, how are we going to make sure we don't keep the status quo? i have coined a term we used with our community as i've spoken to the community and it's very simply the elacticity of the status quo and what that really means is that as we go deeper and we push our vision of ensuring all students have equitable opportunities to be successful. there's an elacticity of the status quo wanting to pull us
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back to the way it's always been. and we are irretrieveably down the road we will never go back to the way it's been because we want to make sure every student has access to a highly rigorous instructional core and our teachers and administrators have the training to make it possible. that's going to require change and require us doing things that we've never done before. it's going to require us doing things that we think are better for student learning and empowering our teachers and administrators as well. so the vision of the district you'll hear more about in the coming weeks and months. i just want to say to you we are so excited about our students coming back. as we look at our interim assessment data, as we look at our informive assessment data, formal and informal, there's a great energy in our district because we're predicting we will have substantial growth, we will have significant growth in many of our subgroups based
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on that interim assessment data and we're very excited for the results to commence so we can prove what we think we know already. we can prove that our students are in fact moving forward and we're accelerating student learning like we're so proud of doing in san francisco. now, some of the challenging issues for us. our families are interested in the calendar for the next year, especially they want to know so how many instructional days are we going to have next year? i am so grateful and extremely happy to report that the district and the united educators of san francisco have reached a tentative agreement and we'll know by august 20 whether our members in our uesf family have ratified that agreement. but as part of that tentative agreement we're looking at restoring our school year by all of the days that were cut by the forced closure days and will only have half a day that
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will be reduced this coming school year which we're planning to be the last day of the school year which would be cut by half a day. we would be back to 179.5 days. in this kind of a fiscal environment to be able to work shoulder to shoulder, arm in arm with our labor partners to restore the school day well, still meeting our educational needs and financial needs is a testament to what happens when adults and educators work together over a common goal. so i want to thank everyone for that. again, there's a big caveat here, this assumes the governor's tax measure would pass and if it doesn't pass we'll have an additional five forced closure dates because of insufficient funding for our public schools added to a total of 5.5 instructional days for the year. so it really depends on folks coming out and voting your conscience. but we're happy to report that will happen this year. i can tell you as a former
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teacher and principal, i know it's often important to repeat the most important thing and i'm going to repeat this again. students and families, we can't wait to see you monday, august 20 for the first day of school. we're excited to welcome you back into our schools and we're excited to start the school year. and with that i want to say welcome back. [applause] president yee: thank you very much superintendent carranza. it seems like we never left the school year for many of us, and i know that the -- my colleagues on the school board will enjoy having you as our leader for many, many years. and i think what is important to note is that we did not stop but met as a group in july to discuss all these things that
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superintendent carranza was talking about and we didn't even take a break. as we were discussing these values and these goals and wanting to stay the course, we got very, very excited because we know that that if we do this, the traction is beginning to happen now in terms of what we can do with our students. so i'm looking forward to it. i think everybody on the school board is looking forward to having a great, great year. i think we probably had a great year last year but until we get our test scores we won't know exactly, so thank you very much. so let's move on to item c, which is recognitions and resolutions of commendations. none tonight. item d, student delegates's report, megan wang and jaden braswell. do you have a report today? >> yes. president yee: go ahead. >> the s.e.c. will be having its first meeting of the
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2012-2013 skl year on monday, august 20. the meeting will be here at 555 franklin and will run from 5:30-7:00 p.m. >> and i want to report that the s.a.c. will be collaborating with the youth commission from august 25- august 26 at city hall and is a two-day retreat where we'll discuss government structure and school district structure and get familiar with each other, so i think it's important for the youth commission and the s.a.c. to have a close relationship. that's it. president yee: good report. let's move on to item e, parent advisory council. the p.a.c. report. there's no p.a.c. report tonight. and their next report will be given at our next board meeting. so item f, public comment and consent items. >> commissioner yee? president yee: yes.
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>> we have a proposal that we change the rules of the board so that the p.a.c. report would be given once a month instead of every meeting so we're going to defer that to the rules committee and will be bringing a proposal. so in the meantime we'll operate that way. so they're planning to report at every other meeting. president yee: thank you. commissioner wynns? for public comment on consent item. i don't seem to have a card for any public comments on consent items. >> ms. solomon appears to be waiting. president yee: it doesn't indicate anything. welcome to the new school year.
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[inaudible] president yee: i'll help you write it in. go ahead >> good evening, commissioners and superintendent, i'm susan solomon, executive vice president of uesf. there are just a few consent items that i wanted to bring to your attention. one is k-11 on page 21 is the short synopsis. and this is about providing service security personnel at various athletic events. and is being provided by black bear security services. last year when we raised this issue with the district and asked whether our security aides could do that work, the answer was yes. i believe we worked with kevin truitt on this. and especially in consideration of the fact that the security aides are still working with one less hour a day, we'd be very appreciative to see them
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doing the work. it's at their schools where they work. next one is on the next page, k-19 the bottom of the page, superintendent zone bay view district. it's to provide online k-12 math,al gentlemen break and language arts writing courses -- algebra and language arts writing courses at their own rate. this could be good but wanted to make sure it doesn't take the place of teachers and supplements the teachers do and not supplant the teachers. the final one is k-40 in the superintendent zone, the mission district, to provide students with culinary instruction, experiment learning opportunities and more. again, this appears to be the work a uesf member could do, that a teacher could do. thank you.
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president yee: thank you, ms. solomon. item g, consent calendar. a motion and a second on the consent calendar. >> motion the consent calendar. president yee: any items withdrawn or corrected by the superintendent? >> yes. we have a number of withdrawals. so the first is we'd like to withdraw budget transfer numbers six and eight of consent item 2-b, 128-14.3-2 on pages 9 and 10. that's just the numbers six and eight. we'd like to withdraw 128-14-k-21 on pages 141 and 142. actually, the dates of service will be changed from august 14-17 to august 28-31. so this resolution is no longer
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retroactive and therefore doesn't need to be put into this board agenda but can be administratively approved so it will go through that process. we have a couple other corrections. we have corrections to k-27, 28, and 29 on pages 155-159. for all three of these pages, the contracts will begin the first day of school. that's on 8/20/2012. so for k-28 and 29 it's a correction. and for k-27, it's similar to k-21. we'll actually withdraw it and submit it as an administratively approved and go through that. so if you want me to repeat those, i can. >> yeah, can you. >> ok, sure. >> those that were retroactive?
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president yee: the names and dates. >> the four k's that are being changed from retroto nonretro. the first one is k-21 on page 141 and 142. the second is k-27. the third is k-28. and the fourth is k-29. >> ok, thank you. >> ok. you're welcome. president yee: 27 will come back to us? >> yes, you are correct. president yee: any items removed for first reading by the board? any items -- >> yes. president yee: commissioner murase. commissioner murase: i wanted to -- )ñstñ>ie3ñ6ç6eopyjñsg p&e%ei
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link electronics, inc. model number: pdr-885 software version: 3.0c ++ secur personnel. k-11. president yee: any others? ok. seeing none, roll call vote will take place under section 0. item h, superintendent's proposal, helper speaker cards and action. i thought we had about 20 of them. what happened? none tonight. item l. oith l. board members' proposals, helper speaker card and action. none tonight.
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request to speak regarding general matters. we have a few speakers who have two minutes each. carolyn tom, andrea torres, adam avalos, jennifer lowe, may l., charles sanchez. komafe savasehim and susan sullivan. come on to the mike. you have two minutes. go ahead. >> thank you. good evening, commissioners, superintendent carranza. congratulations. my name is darilin tom. i'm a high school teacher at mission high school. i'd like to just kind of, if you don't mind, take a few seconds at the beginning and actually end after the other speakers. but first, i'd like to
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introduce many of them. we have speakers tonight that want to talk to you -- well, all the speakers that are here tonight want to talk to you about the deferred action in regards to obama's executive order about allowing undocumented students the chance to be here without any threat of deportation for the next two years and also to get work permits. i'd like you to hear their testimonies. and how it impacts them and why i feel as a district employee why this should be a priority for all of us who work for our students and our families. so if i can end at the end as well, i'll let these speakers come up and speak to you first. >> defer action is a discretionary determination to the removal action of a person. on june 15 of this year, the secretary of homeland security announced certain people who came to this country as children and who meet several
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criteria may be considered for deferred action for two years. these people will be able to obtain a work authorization and renew after two years. in other words, defer action will protect undocumented youth from deportation and provide a work permit to legally work in this country. defer action is an important step in the immigration system because it allows young people to live in this country decently and legally. as you know, many of the qualified applicants are high school and college students and it is important that the san francisco unified school district supports their students and families towards the path being considered for deferred action. my name is andrea torres and i graduated from mission high school in 2008. i will be graduating from san francisco state university next year, and i will benefit from deferred action. i will be able to get a decent job, a well-paid job, and we need your support. the families of these communities, we all need your
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support. thank you. >> hello, my name is charles an she says, i'm a her of aspire, which staggets for agencies promoting immigrant rights through education. i wanted to briefly share about the requirements that's needed to be eligible for deferred action, so the requirements of an individual needs to be eligible, one, you have to have come to the united states under the age of 16. two, have continuously resided in the united states for five years preceding the date of the department of homeland security memo which is june 15, 2012, and are present in the united states. three, currently be in school, have graduated high school, or obtained a general education development certificate, or honorably discharged veteran of the coast guard or armed forces of the united states. four, have not been convicted of a fellonny offense, a significant misdemeanor,
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multiple misdemeanors, misdemeanor offenses or otherwise pose a threat to national security or public safety, and five, be born on or after june 16, 1981. these requirements must be proven in order for someone to be granted deferred action. the individual does not have to be in removal proceedings or have final orders of removal to apply the overall cost of deferred action is $465 and is required unless you can obtain a fee waiver and it's important to. even though it's not required, it's recommended you have the consultation of a lawyer, either nonprofit or private when figuring out whether you want to apply for a deferred action or whether you're eligible. once again, my name is charles, i'm part of aspire which is housed at the asian law caucus. we'll be having free clinics coming up and also i attended oakland public school since
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kindergarten. so thank you. >> hello, everyone. [speaking in spanish] >> my name is ann avalos. i graduated from mission high school and now am currently attending uc-santa cruz. i wanted to talk about the deferred action requirement. there are actually three steps to show. so to establish identity, we'll need a birth certificate and a copy of passport from the country of origin and it's proof we came here before 16 which is since june 15, 2007. we have to have official school transcript, medical record and letter of recommendation from teachers. and to prove we have graduated from high school or have at least obtained a general education, diploma or currently attending the school, we need a high school diploma or equivalent or official transcript. so i just want to say that
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hopefully you guys support this issue. i think you know we all know that san francisco is like the big immigrant city and there's a lot of students who will benefit from this, myself, my friend, my community. you have no idea how much this community will be impact and we need the district to be an ally. thank you. >> hello, my name is may and i'm going to talk about my testimony about why d.a. is going to be really important to my particular story. i'm also a part of aspire and am currently an undergraduate student at uc-berkeley and also am an undocumented chinese immigrant currently in deportation proceedings. my family has been in the u.s. since 19 and i've grown up here ever since becoming at heart, an american. we became undocumented the last years of my high school career after a second application for
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permanent residencey was denied. since then we have been passing as normal citizens while shouldering a huge burden. being undocumented has led to many struggles, from lying to close friends about why i didn't get a driver's license in high school to having to appear in immigration court on the same day as an important anatomy midterm at berkeley. when deferred action was announced i felt part of that heavy burden lifted. the action is essential because it will stop my deportation and allow me to have a work permit. when i graduate i will put my heart to good use and won't have to go to immigration court to fight against an unjust system and can become financially independent which is quintessential to my future. being undocumented makes me feel paralyzed and understanding so much but not able to exercise my knowledge and enthusiasm. i'm excited that students in high school eligible for deferred action don't have to go through the experience of shames and hardships. i can't wait to have my first
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job and gain real experience as a true adult. but deferred action is not and cannot be the end-all solution. it does not affect my parents, so they are still threatened with deportation and the sacrifices they have made for my siblings and i in this country cannot be for nothing. deferred action is also only for two years where afterwards i would have to reapply and because it was announced as an executive order it can be taken away if obama is not elected, putting me back in the same situation before deferred action. this new development will temporarily help many young people like me but we need a long-term solution in this country to tackle immigration policies. please support us in spreading the word for deferred action and join us in the fight for better immigration reform. thank you. >> i'd like to close but anna has a few things to say in terms of demand. at mission high school, i think many of you know i've been here years coming to you and asking


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